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sorry for the late notice, all, but like our namesake, we disappear without warning...
due to private events at japone through the end of may, we're going underwater for a few weeks...stay tuned for updates on our comings & goings!!

speaking of which...i. hall & myself will be spinning at blacklight at dc9 on may 15th...that's next thursday. a night dedicated to the music of black artists. it was a success the last time & we are excited to do it again!! join us & dj blacula next week. it will rule.

-i & -a
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NO ATLANTIS 4/25/08 OR 5/2/08

Fans & friends!!

Tragedy indeed...Atlantis has to disappear for the next two weeks due to special events, but will return with a FORCE AND VENGEANCE on 5/9/08...
we'll see you then!!

-i. & a.

Sango Sho Deep Sea Lounge
Cafe Japone Lower Level (Back Bar)
2032 P Street NW
Dupont Circle

i. hall & adina watson spin

ambient // elctro // indie // experimental // stuff
small hands


We're back!! Join us tomorrow night for sushi, sounds & (hopefully) a beautiful spring night!!

We start the music at 10pm & don't stop until close to 2am, so be prepared for a long night of the best music in town. Pair that with the freshest sushi & coolest drinks served by DC's most fantastic bartenders Megumi & Neil...& you've got the perfect Friday evening.

Sushi & Japanese fusion menu available until 1am, bar until last call and/or until the booze runs out.

DJs spin until they make us stop, so come & make them stay open!

Sango Sho Deep Sea Lounge
Cafe Japone Lower Level (Back Bar)
2032 P Street NW
Dupont Circle

DJs i.hall & adina watson spin
ambient // electro // indie // experimental

Atlantis Setlist [04.04.08]

After getting our hopes up for what was looking to be the first *really* nice Friday night of the year, weather-wise, and hearing from two or three hands-fulla-fingers-not-counting-thumbs worth of friends that they'd be showing up at Japone for Atlantis, jukebox_heroine and I were informed rather late in the game that we'd been bumped in favor of some faggoty frat fandango.

Down (but not out), we decided to go ahead and host Atlantis at my place, to coincide with the arrival of our dear friend caligulette, who'd been very disappointed to learn that Atlantis was canceled on the night she was arriving in town. We threw out a subtle invite to all of our Atlantis regulars, those who'd mentioned they were planning on coming to Japone, and some friends who'd met Radha during her last visit, in hopes of reproducing the same sort of chilled out vibe we strive for in our usual digs.

It was fucking great! We kicked off the music a little before 10pm, shortly after the arrival of our first few guests, and kept churning out the tunes for around 6 hours, finally winding down as the cow jumped over the moon at around 4am. It was such a great time, in fact, that if we have to endure any more last minute oustings, we might just throw home parties at our leisure from now on and give Japone the boot.

My mind is entirely too addled with late afternoon work humbuggery and pre-Caps-game angst (not to mention a killer case of CRS -- no, not Chronic Rhinosinusitis, but CAN'T REMEMBER SHIT!) to attempt to reconstruct the entire evening as I ususally do when posting our setlists, but I would like to offer thanks to all of those my memory is kind enough to recall, and if I fail to include you here, please remember me kindly anyway when I'm a-floatin' down the river Styx...american_arcane, carolyncasl, cisic, clintjcl, Rachel T, Tracy, Chris, the missing-key allstar-DJ guy from Northern England who later passed out in Rachel's car at the Double-T diner, littlesuitepee, phir, droidboy010101, rosered2318, Smrz, Markusha (a.k.a. The Jackal), the_udjat, kittenofwrath, Kelli Biggs, her buddy Jack, my lovely DJ-partner jukebox_heroine, our guest of honor and latest DC import, caligulette, and my sweet sixties siren & lovely co-host, entropicalia.

If this setlist doesn't have you beggin' like a beagle with a heroin-heavy jerky-jones to be added to the eVite the next time we're hosting our hoedown in the Heights (or draggin' yer ass out to Japone for as long as we may be emittin' our frequencies there), well, hellfire...I may just buy an iPod and keep all the good shit fer meself! ;-)

peter gabriel - shock den affen
noise maker's fifes - inversage (first part)
aube - solid pressure
pablo's eye - les larmes du tigre (for the zaccai family)
tommy james - draggin' the line
harvey averne - i feel fine
cocteau twins - feet like fins
cocteau twins - seekers who are lovers
o yuki conjugate - long pig
kreidler - mnemorex (featuring momus)
chrystal belle scrodd - ideath
nick drake - river man
heldon - perspective iv ter muco
the legendary pink dots - under glass
the doors - cars hiss by my window

adina watson
fleetwood mac - gold dust woman
ronny jordan - the jackal [r] (THANKS, MARKUSHA!)
al green - let's stay together
lupe fiasco - kick push
deftones - no ordinary love
peter murphy - crystal wrists
stan getz - the girl from ipanema
belle & sebastian - if she wants me
craig wedren - stuck
otis redding - try a little tenderness
the flirtations - nothing but a heartache
the kinks - all of my friends were there [r]
the white stripes - hello operator
harry belafonte - jump in line (shake, shake señora)
queen - another one bites the dust

big city orchestra - untitled (track #2 from beatlerape)
richard pinhas - the last kings of thule
franz ferdinand - take me out
roxy music - in every dream home a heartache
syd barrett - gigolo aunt
low + dirty three - when i called upon your seed
the police - can't stand losing you
bobby womack - across 110th street
the power station - murderess
grand funk railroad - mean mistreater
slayer - war ensemble
kronos quartet and wu man - royal wedding
stereolab - cosmic country noir

adina watson
warren zevon - werewolves of london
bobby darin - mack the knife
david bowie - blue jean
jude - rick james
meat beat manifesto - circles
the supremes - reflections
iggy pop - gimme danger
genesis - that's all
james - sometimes
the dream academy - please please please let me get what i want
public image limited - rise
ben e. king - stand by me
go home productions - rapture riders [r]

einstürzende neubauten - z.n.s.
sneaker pimps - tesko suicide [r]
pink floyd - one of these days
rapoon - via
terry riley - journey from the death of a friend
pizzicato five - the night is still young
heldon - le retour des soucoupes volantes
the stone roses - i wanna be adored
psychefunkapus - jesus crispies
silver apples - a pox on you
caravan - where but for caravan would i?
the smiths - that joke isn't funny anymore [r]
propergol - en vie

friday nights
sango sho deep sea lounge
cafe japone back bar (lower level)
2032 p street nw
dupont circle
21+ to drink
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Atlantis Setlist [03.21.08]

Our biggest and best party of 2008 took place the Friday before last, and I've been too bus/laz-y to tell the tale and post the extra-long-extended-dance-remix of a setlist...until now. My buddy (and co-Captain of my ice hockey team) Tony brought his brother's posse over for drinks after they'd finished with the rehearsal dinner for his (the brother's) wedding (which took place the following day)...and the way this crew put away drinks, I'm surprised any of them made it to the ceremony! We kicked things off an hour early at their request, and stuck around until a little after 2 a.m., so we had just over five hours behind the decks in what was our longest continuous jam in Atlantis history. Tony's party weren't the only folks on hand to experience this madness, though...we were joined by Charlotte & Scott who swung by to chat and listen to some tunes after enjoying a magnificent meal at Bistrot Du Coin, and entropicalia & rosered2318, who arrived just in time for the classic rock block in my second set. All in all, a very good night, and a nice memory to tide us over until we're back at Japone again on April 18th.

REPEAT: No Atlantis at Japone for the next two Fridays!

Anyone who bothers to read this and has any interest in checking out the first ever Atlantis-at-home featuring jukebox_heroine and myself tomorrow evening can contact me privately at puppykisser AT yahoo DOT com for further details.

thievery corporation - exilio
sofa - string of lights
jonn serrie - wind walker
rufus thomas - the breakdown (part 1)
santana - black magic woman
dead can dance - ulysses
hybryds - ride
the supremes - you keep me hangin' on
jurassic 5 - swing set
yazoo - situation (us 12" remix)
akiko kiyama - the misidia monarchy
franz ferdinand - love & destroy
pankow - stupidity
LaBelle - lady marmalade
trentemøller - miss you
lhasa de sela - de carla a pered

adina watson
dusty springfield - son of a preacher man
l.t.d. - back in love again
the sweet - fox on the run
the clash - london calling
infadels - love like semtex
delays - valentine
the mccoys - hang on sloopy
stevie wonder - superstition
tears for fears - shout
kasabian - l.s.f.
massive attack - antistar
the fratellis - flathead
beck - black tambourine
wilson pickett - in the midnight hour
belle & sebastian - your cover's blown

gong - heavy tune
jack kerouac & joe strummer - macdougal street blues
midnight oil - beds are burning
gnarls barkley - crazy
wayne mcghie - here we go again
tom waits - swordfishtrombone
the the - flesh and bones
murder by death - fuego!
jeff beck - morning dew
led zeppelin - the crunge
ween - object
yes - leave it
pink floyd - sheep
joy division - glass
rufus & chaka khan - ain't nobody

adina watson
the features - me & the skirts
pete townshend - let my love open the door
pixies - here comes your man
prince - kiss
the guess who - american woman
david bowie - golden years
blondie - heart of glass
goldfrapp - ooh la la
stars - take me to the riot
big audio dynamite - rush
echo & the bunnymen - lips like sugar
the white stripes - my doorbell
parliament - give up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
james brown - the big payback

fat boys - all you can eat
therapy? - trigger inside
a perfect circle - the hollow
mojave 3 - puzzles like you
helios creed - Ub The Wall
ernte - sonnenwende
808 state - in yer face
black strobe - abwehr disco [r]
solid groove - this is sick [r]
kzysztof penderecki - miniatures for violin & piano (1959)
himuro - 9pm
green velvet - la la land

friday nights
sango sho deep sea lounge
cafe japone back bar (lower level)
2032 p street nw
dupont circle
21+ to drink
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Atlantis Setlist [03.14.08]

Wacky adventures last week...shot over to Japone after watching the Caps kick the crap out of the Thrashers from the comfort of some corporate box MAB managed to get us into. Megumi was sligning green saketinis from the get-go and jukebox_heroine kicked us off with a terrific 1st set. We met a nice young lady named Sade (like the sultry songstress), with whom I shot the shit for a bit. Will dropped was really nice to see him after a few weeks away. steeltoe dragged himself out to share one last Friday with us. He's getting ready to fuck off to Boston, and I'll miss the bastard and our impromptu trips to Rosecroft or Waffle House or Montreal. Actually, his relocation will give us an excuse to fire up the latter on that list again some time before too long. Fortunately, apocalypticfb and Biff were also on hand to provide Ben with some tips on getting by up in Beantown. They kept us company for a good, long while and unleashed some well-deserved chiding when our musical selections veered off in awful directions. This happened a bunch later in the night, as a mildly drunken and mischievous MAB materialized after enjoying some drinks at Rosa Mexicana with the folks who'd hosted us at the Caps game. He was eager to plunder and ended up taking a few turns on the decks, with near-Rick-Astleyan results! If you think you can stomach it, read on...

adina watson
pigface - chickasaw
secret machines - it's a bad wind that don't blow somebody
massive attack - antistar
m.i.a. - paper planes
lords of acid - the real thing
gary numan - are friends electric?
the clash - rudie can't fail
goldfrapp - ride a white horse

the beatles - something
sébastien tellier - le long de la riviere tendre
winterkälte - genetic imperialism [r]
muslimgauze - cairopraktar 4
die form - silent order 4
plecid - leaves
nick drake - been smoking too long [r]
boole - tabby [r]
arlo guthrie - alice's restaurant massacree
sucking chest wound - who shot the pope?
snog - the billionaire's bullshit machine
the apologizers - fisty
the who - run run run
spenitch - i'm blessed
crystal waters - gypsy woman

adina watson
pop will eat itself -
james brown - sex machine
yes - owner of a lonely heart
the chemical brothers - galvanize
david bowie - fashion
the breeders - cannonball
earth, wind & fire - shining star
placebo - pure morning
primus - john the fisherman
queen - another one bites the dust
beck - black tambourine
buzzcocks - why can't i touch it?
gang of four - damaged goods [r]

the apologizers - take my breast away
big black - the model

ihall vs. MAB
journey - don't stop believin'
asia - only time will tell
madonna - papa don't preach
peter gabriel - sledgehammer
lords of acid - i must increase my bust
gg allin - cunt sucking cannibal
nine inch nails - dead souls
duran duran - the reflex
dj crystl - 183 (head nod)
markus kienzl - top dog (new version)
noonerschaft - straight outta compton [r]
eazy-e - 2 hard muthas
the apologizers - always some new bitch to delight me
the apologizers - blow me now
the apologizers - reviholed (the i'm gay song)

friday nights
sango sho deep sea lounge
cafe japone back bar (lower level)
2032 p street nw
dupont circle
21+ to drink
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